Better Contacts. Better Meetings. Better Relationships.

Save time and automagically bring together your complete rolodex to see your contacts’ work history, public social media, skills areas of interest and more.

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See how Workomo conveniently brings your address book to life
Sync across accounts.

Connect multiple calendars and address books creating a unified relationship experience.

  • Connects with multiple calendars & address books to create a unified address book for you.
  • Automatically pull from Google Contacts and Microsoft 365 Address Book
Stay updated on your contacts.

Workomo collates publicly-available information about your contacts & distills key insights in the form of Cue Cards, all without any manual work.

See the Cue Cards – a contact’s work history, public social media, skills areas of interest and more, all automatically updated without any manual work.

People insights in your workflows.

Workomo displays people-info right in your work apps such as the browser, calendar, Zoom, Google Meet, email & WhatsApp.

Your own smart business card.

Create your own Cue Cards that shows richer and more dynamic information than a physical business card or your LinkedIn profile. Share it in messaging, embed it in your signatures, display it wherever you like.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

More than 100,000 Cue Cards have been accessed on Workomo.

Workomo saves you time and helps you show up people-smart

Take notes within a video call

Take notes for both meetings and people, without leaving a Zoom or Google Meet window. Maintain a timeline of what you spoke about the last time you met.


Figure out who to reach out to by searching for lcoation, industry, or using keywords such as “backend engineer”, “contacts in Seattle”, “China expert” etc.

Daily social feed of your contacts

See what your contacts are talking about on Twitter, and use it to strike up a conversation or just like their tweets.

Smart Reminders

Never forget to take notes about that important meeting, sending a thank you note, or preparing before a meeting.

Workomo is secure and private

Don’t worry. Your data is safe!

We ask for “read-only” access to your calendar, to be able to identify meeting times and attendees, as well as serve cue cards automatically in Chrome. We don’t have the ability to edit, modify or delete any of your calendar data.

We ask for “read-only” access to your contacts if you would like to see a unified address book. We use this to identify your contacts and serve up cue cards. We don’t have the ability to edit, modify or delete any of your contact data.

We don’t ask for any access to your Zoom and Meet accounts. We only detect Zoom & Google Meets links in your browser to be able to prompt automatic cue cards as soon as you open that page. We don’t have the ability to view, edit, modify, save or delete any of your Zoom or Meet video meetings or content.

We provide multiple layers of security around your information, from using oAuth, encrypting sensitive information & storing data on access-protected AWS cloud, to deploying network and application level security. Security is a top priority for us!

We don’t own your data, nor do we sell it to others or use it for advertising. It’s your data, period!

Workomo is headquartered in San Francisco, Ca. All your data is encrypted and then stored on secure AWS servers in the US.

For more details, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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