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  Workomo shows you everything important about People, just before you Meet, right inside Chrome.

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A Workomo Cue Card gives you a quick view of the person before a meeting.

The Cue Card Shows You
  • Areas of common interest
  • Talking points that help you forge a personal connection
  • Their professional background, expertise and interests
What You Need. When You Need It!

One click to view Cue Cards in your browser (currently supported on Chrome).

Right before a meeting

Before a meeting, a timer reminds you to check the Cue Cards for your upcoming meeting.

In the meeting

View the Cue Cards within your
Zoom or Google Meet window.

Anytime in the day

Click Workomo to access Cue Cards
for all of your meetings that day.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

More than 100,000 Cue Cards have been accessed on Workomo.

Workomo is secure and private

Don’t worry. Your data is safe!

We ask for “read-only” access to your calendar, to be able to identify meeting times and attendees, as well as serve cue cards automatically in Chrome. We don’t have the ability to edit, modify or delete any of your calendar data.

We don’t ask for any access to your Zoom and Meet accounts. We only detect Zoom & Google Meets links in your browser to be able to prompt automatic cue cards as soon as you open that page. We don’t have the ability to view, edit, modify, save or delete any of your Zoom or Meet video meetings or content.

We provide multiple layers of security around your information, from using oAuth, encrypting sensitive information & storing data on access-protected AWS cloud, to deploying network and application level security. Security is a top priority for us!

We don’t own your data, nor do we sell it to others or use it for advertising. It’s your data, period!

Workomo is headquartered in San Francisco, Ca. All your data is encrypted and then stored on secure AWS servers in the US.

For more details, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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