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Note: the title and images in this post were updated on July 07, 2021.

During work-from-home, all hiring is now taking place over Meet & Zoom. Be it founders, big company execs, or recruiting managers in startups, interviewing candidates over video is the norm now globally.

During our conversations with Workomo users, several hiring managers have highlighted inadequate prep-time due to back-to-backs, as a key challenge 🧗🏽‍♀️ Pre-WFH, offline interviews happened in structured environments (eg. office spaces, on-campus etc.) with a scheduled cadence that let hiring managers plan their day and get breathing room. Now, interviews happen from messy living rooms & home-offices, squeezed between home-schooling kids, putting toddlers to sleep & doing personal chores. What makes it worse is an ever-increasing number of video meetings throughout the day, both internal & external.

End-result: not enough time to prep on candidates, leading to ineffective interviews & anxiety.

Even under this time pressure, hiring managers still recognize getting a holistic perspective on a candidate’s persona as a critical need💡 In today’s knowledge economy, getting that one key hire right (or wrong!) can disproportionately impact team outcomes.

In a nutshell, in this working environment of back-to-back Zoom/ Meet interviews, skimming PDF resumes or LinkedIn profiles to do prep on candidates at high scale & velocity has become cumbersome. This is exactly where innovator users are using Workomo.

As a hiring manager, even if you don’t have enough time to prep before a video interview, Workomo automatically pops-up a candidates’s professional profile in your meeting workflow at the right access points (browser, calendar, Meet, Zoom) a few minutes before the meeting.

Via a meeting timer on the browser

One Click access on the calendar

During the video call

Do you feel the mental-overload of quickly making sense of a cluttered PDF resume (unfortunately, candidates don’t build resumes keeping your user experience in mind🔥)? Don’t worry — Workomo presents people info in the form of Cue Cards. These are distilled professional insights about the candidate, designed to be consumed in a 1–2 mins “last-minute-prep” scenario.

Distilled insights into the person

As a founder hiring for my own startup, I now consciously look beyond static resumes, to understand the holistic persona of someone I am about to interview🔍 What are the thematic interests of this person? What does the person tweet about? Are there any commonalities that I can find & subsequently utilize to ice-break and create a more comfortable interviewing environment? Workomo Cue Cards are a great way to access these insights in a byte-sized way.

As we introduce more powerful product features, we are super excited to see how the usage of Workomo by hiring managers evolves further. If you are in the midst of hiring over Zoom or Meet today, sign-up for free & see if Workomo works for you🙇🏽‍♂️

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