Introducing Workomo on WhatsApp

Am super excited to announce Workomo on WhatsApp, and as icing on the cake, it’s also live on Product Hunt as of July 14 at 00:00 hrs 🚀

As I had mentioned in my previous Workomo 2.0 post, the 3 core elements of Workomo’s product vision are effective aggregation, minimizing manual work, and a “fabric” user experience. Offering an “assistant” experience for managing your smart Rolodex entirely via messaging is our strongest step yet towards realizing this vision.

Introducing Workomo on WhatsApp

  1. What are the main benefits for me as a user?
  • Till now, Workomo had strong usability on the desktop via the web app and Chrome extension. With this WhatsApp integration, you can now both access & input people-info entirely on-demand, on the mobile.
  • You can now interact with your smart Rolodex via WhatsApp, irrespective of whether or not you are logged in to the web app or Chrome extension.
  • With offline meetings starting to happen again, the WhatsApp assistant gives you adequate workflow coverage for on-the-go use cases in physical meetings such as adding a new contact while at an event, browsing a person’s cue card just before entering a coffee shop, taking post-meeting notes as you head back in an Uber etc.
  • This WhatsApp assistant takes our vision elements of minimizing manual work & offering a fabric UX to a whole different level. If you use LinkedIn to look up people’s profiles, it requires a lot of cognitive work and searching. With Workomo, it’s literally whatsapping a command. If you take meeting or people notes in Excel, Evernote, Microsoft One Note, etc, it requires creating sheets, pages, tabs, lists & organizing head-ache. With Workomo, it’s like whatsapping your executive assistant to do all this for you.

2. What are the key features?

Similar to the Chrome extension, this WhatsApp assistant sits on top of the core, smart Rolodex in the web app. All key features of Workomo are accessible on it:

  • Search for a cue card (demo) – whatsapp any contact’s name -> get the image of their professional profile (what we call a “cue card”)
  • Add notes (demo 1 and 2) – search for any person or meeting -> whatsapp a text note, voice memo or file attachment -> gets automatically saved against that particular context -> search & retrive it anytime later
  • Add a contact (demo) – whatsapp any new contact’s email ID -> Workomo automatically maps their identity, creates their cue card and saves it to your smart Rolodex
  • Smart reminders (demo) – your assistant will whatsapp you a) pre-meeting notifications with cue cards of all attendees and b) post-meeting notifications to note down any insights, info or action items

An interesting back-story…

It gives me immense pride to share that this most important release in Workomo’s short history was end-to-end ideated, spec’d & v1-coded by…wait for it…one of our star interns Harsh Paliwal.

Harsh is my junior from IIT BHU (2020 grad) and had joined us in the summer of last year as an intern. He played a critical role in our first Chrome extension Product Hunt launch too, then joined a full-time job post-internship but still continued to build & support Workomo. During my India trip in Jan’21, we were having drinks in Noida wherein he casually mentioned that Workomo could be even more useful & usable on WhatsApp, and that he had already read API documentation on their business APIs.

From there, Harsh just ran incredibly fast with the project, driving everything from API business verifications & first command specs to coding the v1 & integrating it into our people intelligence backend. All this with an intense full-time job!

One of the most incredible parts of Workomo’s journey for all of us on the founding team has been having the likes of Harsh contribute to the vision so selflessly, with only passion as a driver & only learning as an incentive. I guess this is how the cultural fabric of a startup emerges on its own!

Well, enough emotional stuff already 😉we can’t wait to have you try out Workomo on WhatsApp. Sign-up for free and let us know what you think!

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