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I love the days when I organically encounter a solid use-case for Workomo (“Relationships Intelligence for Power Professionals”). Today, I was having a Whatsapp discussion with a good friend, who is also an ex-founder (I had invested in her last startup). As part of another early stage startup now, she is incubating a new micro-lending product in India, and wanted to check with me whether I could intro her to someone working in the space.

Now, being an active startup ecosystem stakeholder & connector, I really want to help her. Given my Alibaba/ Ant Financial/ Paytm background, finding someone with “lending” experience/ expertise should be fairly easy for me. Except it’s not. Barring 1–2 people who are top-of-mind for me right now, it’s extremely hard for me to know who among the people I already know/ have shared history or context with, will be relevant for a potential warm intro. I tried to do a LinkedIn search with keywords like “lending” and “fintech”, but got crappy results wherein I don’t even know any of the people in the first page search results. PS: I don’t even know why I am being shown “company results for fintech”, which btw, are also beyond crappy.



Actual search results page from my LinkedIn profile


Compare this with how Workomo helped me solve for this pain point. Currently, the product is in early private beta stage, wherein for me personally, I am tracking about ~160 of my top-priority professional relationships. These are ex-colleagues, customers, batch-mates, investors etc. — essentially, people with whom I already have a shared history, context, modicum of trust and double opt-in.

I went into Workomo, clicked on the “Relationships” tab and ran a search with the keywords “fintech” and “lending” (at an MVP stage, these are few of the many manual tags I have been using to curate my relationships). I got 9 and 2 search results respectively, comprising founders, VCs and operators, all of whom I know well-enough to ping and check.

Actual Workomo screenshots

This is what Workomo is doing at such an early MVP stage. We are in process of building an AI-powered “context engine” that will ingest hundreds of signals and “auto-tag” your top-priority relationships. Imagine your own, personalized, contextual “LinkedIn Search”, working in the way it should, helping you search & curate a high-quality dataset comprising only of relationships that truly matter to you!

Intrigued? Sign-up to request a private beta invite today. We will be delighted to partner with you as an early adopter, in building Workomo out.

This post was originally published in Soumitra’s personal Medium blog.

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