How to have better 1:1s with your coworkers

We usually use 1:1s to catch a quick update or deliver/receive feedback. But the next one can be the most fertile opportunity to get the needed one-up at work or develop a relationship that may leap to a new door tomorrow. Here are our top 5 tips to get you rolling.


#1 Value Time ⏰ 

Walking into a 1:1 without a clear agenda is like trying to tame a bear for the first time. Both will be drained in an hour, time will be up and outcomes will be sparse. Pen down your why’s and rally accordingly.


#2 Be Present 🤼‍♀️

Actively work towards keeping the discussion as per the agenda. Be cognisant of peripheral ideas, deviations & conjecture. Jot actionables ‘together’. Note how they feel about them. Do they look forward to accomplishing them? Are they bored by it?


#3 Tool Up 🛠

Tools are a great way to keep the conversation fresh days after. Pick a note taking/task mangmnt/productivity app that suits your style & is easy to consume when on review. Also, don’t hesitate to request the attendee to slow down while you’re arranging your points.


#4 Keep it open 🤝 

Every conversation is a learning exercise. Make the person feel at ease to share their feedbacks/failures/learnings with you. People may forget specifics about you, but never how you make them feel.


#5 Action from experience 🏋🏻‍♀️

When you get feedback/advice, ask for examples from their past experiences. Followup/reference it while sharing your thought process in the next 1:1. Convos compound over time, but without outcomes baked into them, it’s a shallow foundation.
1:1s are a great way to build honest relationships with your coworkers. In this remote environment, use them unabashedly to nurture your work and theirs. 🤜 🤛

If building relationships with your team is a priority for you, do sign up on our waitlist.

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