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Entrepreneurs are actively using Workomo to better leverage their networks. Startup founders are especially finding it helpful to supplement or replace their fundraising spreadsheets, where they manually punch in investor details.

  1. Why do Entrepreneurs use Workomo?

Anyone running a business is required to dip into their Rolodexes almost daily for various tasks including getting new customers, supporting existing customers, hiring, fundraising, finding service providers, and pretty much any market-facing activity.

Most entrepreneurs running either really early stage, bootstrapped or capital-constrained businesses, don’t have the luxury of buying expensive CRMs or hiring assistants to manage these outreach activities. They typically leverage simple Excel sheets, native iOS or Microsoft note-taking apps, and even physical notebooks, to manage their contacts.

As expected, entrepreneurs face many gaps in using these solutions:

  • Lack of automation for data entry, taking too much manual effort to even get started
  • Treat contacts as line items, having no intelligence or context around who these people are
  • Have no contextual search capabilities, eg. you can’t run a query like “designers in San Francisco” and get relevant results from your Rolodex
  • Siloed product experiences that are disconnected with networking workflows, users typically “forget” to use these products

This is where Workomo comes in:

  • Creates an automated, one-stop-shop Rolodex directly aggregating contacts from workflows like calendars & address books

  • Aggregates both public (LinkedIn and Twitter info) and private (people or meeting notes that users have taken) context about these contacts

  • Displays everything whenever & wherever the user needs, in a “click-only” experience

  • Makes all professional info about your network contextually searchable

2. What features do Entrepreneurs find most helpful?

Entrepreneurs have been Workomo’s most active early adopters, vocal champions, and now, highly-retained paying customers. They tend to be flooded with daily tasks, need to heavily multi-task to get them done, and are, therefore, highly constrained for time.

That’s why Entrepreneurs especially love Workomo’s productivity-centric features, including:

  • Before a meeting, being able to quickly skim through the professional profiles of attendees with just 1-click in the browser

  • Joining any video call with just 1 click from the browser, without ever opening the calendar

  • Being able to take notes directly within the Meet video experience

Workomo’s customers are saving ~1 hr daily via its automated syncing across accounts and intuitive workflow integrations. If you are a founder who is actively multi-tasking across sales, BD, hiring, ops & fundraising, try Workomo and make your life easier by signing-up for free here.

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