Workomo Use Cases – Executives

It’s a popular saying that an Executive’s biggest value-add to a company is the Rolodex. Their core role is mostly market-facing (hiring, growing revenue, investor relations, M&A etc.) and networks are a key value driver. In this context, Workomo’s one-stop-shop Rolodex solution fits strongly with an Executive’s needs.

  1. Why do Executives use Workomo?

There are primarily two types of usage patterns:

  • Where Executives have executive assistants or chiefs of staff, they farm out Workomo Rolodex maintenance to them
  • In many cases, Executives use it directly with their calendars & address books, mostly to replace either their Excel spreadsheets or standard note-taking apps (Microsoft One Note, iOS native app etc.), wherein they maintain lists of people & notes around them.

2. What features do Executives find most helpful?

For Executives, a combination of automated syncing across workflows, skimming pre-meeting profiles & maintaining people-notes for later reference, is the most useful. They typically find the following features most helpful:

  • Auto-syncing multiple calendars & address books, creating a 360 degree Rolodex without significant manual effort

  • Before a meeting, being able to quickly skim through the professional profiles of attendees with just 1-click in the browser

  • Taking people notes either in the Chrome extension or web app

If you are an Executive who is looking to supercharge your networking, or provide similar tools to your support team, do give Workomo a shot by signing up for free here.

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