Workomo Use Cases – Investors

Investors are one of Workomo’s core customer personas, as one would expect. They are extremely active networkers & meeting-takers, both of which fit really well with the product’s unique value proposition of providing people intelligence for meetings.

  1. Why do Investors use Workomo?

An Investor’s typical working day has certain unique facets:

  • Meeting lots of new people (founders)
  • Need to record context around people they network with, in order to play an effective ‘connector’ role
  • Given the intense competition for deals, they squeeze in as many meetings as possible daily

As Investors rush from one meeting to the next, they find Workomo incredibly helpful for skimming professional profiles 1-2 mins. before a meeting. Also, Zoom is their ‘best friend’ and Workomo’s auto pop-up as soon as the Zoom meeting window launches become really useful.

Networking productively is one of the key drivers of an Investor’s success. Workomo is built to enable exactly that!

2. What features do Investors find most helpful?

For Investors, a combination of skimming profiles, maintaining detailed people notes & contextual search becomes the most important. That’s why Workomo’s customers especially love the following features:

  • Before a meeting, being able to quickly skim through the professional profiles of attendees with just 1-click in the browser

  • Taking people notes either in the Chrome extension or web app

  • Contextually search across all professional info of their contacts (LinkedIn data + Twitter data + notes)

If you are an Investor and looking for a lightweight daily Rolodex solution to supplement your complex deal flow software, give Workomo a spin by signing up for free here.


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