Workomo Use Cases – Professionals

Professionals with a growth mindset are actively using Workomo as a personal CRM. Spread across companies such as Google, Facebook & Oracle, they are leveraging Workomo to network better.

  1. Why do Professionals use Workomo?

Most of these professionals have tried maintaining a list of relationships & details about them in Excel, Sheets or Airtable. The more enterprising ones have given personal CRMs & contact managers a spin too.

The biggest gaps that users have faced in both the above options are:

  • Too much manual work required to get started
  • Not having enough touch-points to be able to use when & where required

Workomo solves both these pain points well.

  • It offers automatic syncing into multiple calendars & address books, & creates a 360 degree Rolodex without significant manual inputs.

  • Workomo displays people-info & notes directly in workflows like browser, calendar, Meet, Zoom & WhatsApp. With smart nudges like automated pre-meeting timers, auto pop-ups at meeting start time & CTAs within calendar cards, Workomo gives you people intelligence without any mental effort from your side.

2. What features do Professionals find most helpful?

Current paying customers really love the following features:

  • Seeing upcoming meetings and attendee profiles directly on the calendar, via the Chrome extension.

  • Ability to join any video call with 1 click via the browser, without going into the calendar.

  • Take people or meeting notes via the web app or Chrome extension. These notes get auto-tagged to each attendee’s profile (we call it a ‘cue card’), so you maintain a timeline of what was discussed across multiple interactions.

So, if you are a professional who is tired of maintaining people lists in Excel or have given up on existing personal CRMs, give Workomo a shot by signing up for free here.

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